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Temporary Construction Hoists & Elevators

Century Elevators is a temporary elevator provider that customizes lifting solutions to the industrial marketplace. All of our temporary elevators,  industrial elevators, construction elevators, material hoists and transport platforms are engineered with the upgrades to withstand the specific needs of the harsh environments presented in the various industrial sectors we cater to. All of our hoists and elevators are equipped with a variable frequency drive and are available with explosion proof components and corrosion resistant materials to provide a safe ride every time. In addition, Century Elevators is partnered with PEGA, LTD and Bocker Elevators providing temporary lifting solutions for industrial facilities and construction projects.

As mentioned above, our industrial elevators are designed to last, even in the most severe work environments. Our industrial elevators are guaranteed to provide a safe ride – every single time. Our construction elevators and buck hoists are specifically designed to withstand the trials and tribulations presented on construction sites. Which is why, we provide a field services team with every construction elevator that is installed - making sure that your elevator is to your exact specifications and that it is safe to use – because safety is our #1 priority.

Temporary Construction Elevator Features

Century also offers detachable material hoists that are ideal for tight work environments such as boilers. These material hoists (or boiler hoists) dismantle into smaller parts, making it possible for them to fit through 18 inch openings. In addition to material hoists, we also provide transport platforms, which are temporary installations, created to maneuver personnel and their tools vertically within the job site. These transport platforms are ideal because they have the ability to attach directly to a current structure and do not require an operator.

To ensure a successful installation, Century Elevators has developed a procedural plan for each project. This plan includes a dedicated project manager, safety coordinator, equipment manager, a field services manager and a parts specialist.

All of our machines comply with the current ANSI and OSHA safety regulations. Centrally located in Houston, Texas, Century Elevators provides the expertise and capability required for the most challenging applications. Contact us today for a detailed quote on any of our temporary elevators.

Temporary Personnel Elevators
Model NumberNumber of PersonsLoad Capacity

Interior Dimensions


Car Door Opening


Base Enclosure Dimension


Quote Request
CE 3300 12 3300 LBS 6' 6'' X 4'7" 4'5' X 7'12" 8'4" X 7'10" RFQ
CE 4400 20 4400 LBS 10' X 4' X 7' 4'5" X 6'7" 12'1" X 8' RFQ
CE 6000 30 6000 LBS 4'11" X 12'2" X 7' 4'11" X 6'7" 13"9" X 9' RFQ
CE 6000D 30 6000 LBS 4'11" X 12'2" X 7' 4'11" X 6'7" 13'9" X 15'6"' RFQ
CE 7000 30 7000 LBS 4'11" X 13'2" X 7' 4'11" X 6'7" 14'9" X 9'2" RFQ
CE 7000D 30 7000 LBS 4'11" X 13'2" X 7' 4'11" X 6'7" 14'9"' X 15'6" RFQ
CE 7100 35 7000 LBS 4'11" X 13'6" X 8'2" 4'11" X 6'7" 13'9"' X 9'2" RFQ

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