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Permanent Explosion Proof Elevators

Century Elevators, a leading provider of full service lifting solutions, offers permanent explosion proof elevators for high-risk and hazardous area installations.

Our explosion proof elevators are designed and constructed to protect your personnel and materials in highly volatile, dangerous work areas. The elevator system is completely secured to maximize the safety of personnel and materials in the elevator located in work areas where explosive gases or dust may be present. In addition, the cars are designed to contain any potential explosion within the enclosure in the event of a chemical leak. All of Century Elevators explosion proof lifts meet ANSI and European Union (EN) safety regulations for hazardous condition elevators.

The team at Century Elevators has the expertise to design a safe and effective custom elevator solution for your hazardous-condition project. We specialize in rack and pinion elevators that are safe, easy to install and provide maximum operational effectiveness. Rack and pinion elevators are self-contained and install directly to an existing or emerging structure, making them ideal for hazardous sites, including chemical refineries, power houses, silos and mills and even military installations.

Our current product line of permanent explosion proof elevators consist of technologically-advanced engineered systems. Our elevators are available for purchase or lease from our extensive fleet of elevators.

Permanent Explosion Proof Elevator Features

  • Custom designed elevator cars to safely accommodate personnel, materials and equipment in a variety of car dimensions and load capacities
  • Variable frequency drives are standard on all of our elevators
  • Full safety features, including enclosed cars, multiple control points, heavy-duty galvanized steel frames, bolt on skins, overload sensors, emergency lowering and safety interlocks

Century Elevators’ offers advanced services including job-specific in-house engineering, make-ready, field management, full service installations, 24 hour emergency call out service and maintenance contracts. Our explosion proof lifts meet or exceed ANSI A17.1, and the current OSHA standards. Additionally, all equipment is ISO9001:2008 compliant.

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