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Industrial Freight & Cargo Elevators

Industrial Freight & Cargo Elevators

Century Elevators specializes in engineering freight elevators for handling cargo and material. Temporary and permanent material lifts are used for a variety of applications to transport material more efficiently between building levels. Freight elevators provide temporary lifting solutions to many industries including commercial construction, medical, and oil & gas.

Material Lifts for Tools & Equipment

Vertical transportation elevators provide direct access to multiple levels to transports construction and maintenance tools, equipment and materials. Century Elevators provides custom solutions to transport supplies including concrete blocks, grain, glass sheet, furniture, hardware and more.

Vertical Freight & Cargo Lift Features

  • Easy to load material
  • Meets current ANSI and OSHA safety regulations
  • Built to carry heavy loads
  • Quick Installation

Centrally located in Houston, Texas, Century Elevators provides the expertise and capability required for the most challenging applications. Our project engineering team stands ready to deliver an elevator solution for your application. Contact us today!

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