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Temporary Material Hoists Rentals

Temporary Material & Boiler Hoists

Century Elevators offers a variety of material handling lifts and temporary material lifts. We utilize multiple manufacturers of these hoisting systems to provide the exact solution for your material lifting needs.

Material Lift Key Features

  • Easy assembly & dismantling
  • Latest safety features & devices
  • 400 pound to 4,400-pound load capacities
  • Simple & reliable designs
  • Overload Protection
  • Customized load platform sizes

Material Hoist Applications

Temporary material hoists and boiler hoists are available for use in the industrial sector as well as in the commercial construction industry. Material lifts provide vertical access for new construction and refurbishment work, for building equipment, cargo, furniture lifting, and scaffolding applications. We deliver a highly engineered knockdown material hoists for use in compact environments.

In addition, our boiler hoists have a capacity of 650 pounds, ideal for use during a plant shut-downs. Our temporary material hoists have the capabilities to disassemble into a few smaller manageable components that will fit through an 18 inch opening for erection in a larger space.

With so many options in the marketplace for such a variety of requirements, Century Elevators has become your one stop to providing the best possible solution for all your rental lifting needs including temporary industrial elevators, construction elevators and transport platforms.

Material Hoist Models
Lifting SpeedLifting
MMH 550 550 LBS 150 ft/min 78 ft 4'10" X 1'10" RFQ
MH 660 660 LBS 65 ft/min - 80 ft/min   5'3" X 2'10" RFQ
MH 600
Boiler Hoist
660 LBS 75 ft/min 330 ft Click for Dimensions RFQ

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