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Permanent Personnel Elevators

Century Elevators is the industry leading experienced provider of full service personnel lifting solutions for virtually all industrial and commercial construction installations.

Our permanent personnel elevators’ rugged construction provide safe, secure vertical transport of personnel, with capacities ranging from 650 lbs. to 25,000 lbs. Flexible configurations provide customization to meet your application requirements, while providing full safety features. Century Elevators’ personnel lifts and freight elevators are used in all industries, including commercial construction, power generation, oil and gas, petro-chemical and milling industries.

Safe, Effective, Economical Lifting Solutions

The team at Century Elevators has the expertise and experience to install a safe, effective, economical lifting solution for your personnel lifting requirements. We specialize in rack and pinion elevators that are easy to install, provide maximum operational effectiveness and are equipped with full safety features.  We also offer temporary transport platforms and freight elevators to temporarily move personnel and materials.  With personnel lifts designed by Century, you can be assured that your staff, their tools and any materials will be protected during transport, minimizing the risk of accidents.

Century Elevators’ product line of permanent personnel elevators are available for purchase or rent from our extensive fleet of elevators.  We also offer special purpose elevators that are designed to transport personnel for any custom requirement, including the mining industry.

Features of Personnel Elevators:

  • Various custom car dimensions, designed to the specifications of the installation environment and capacity requirements
  • Weight capacities from 660 lbs. up to 25,000 lbs and beyond with special engineering
  • Each elevator is equipped with variable frequency drives and heavy duty electric motors
  • Multiple door and gate options options
  • Explosion-proof components (class 1, division 2 groups A-F)
  • Corrosion resistant materials available

Our permanent personnel elevators meet or exceed ANSI A17.1, and the current OSHA standards. Additionally, all equipment is ISO9001:2008 compliant. And can be manufactured to the specifications of hazardous environments found in the industrial market place.

Century Elevators offers in-house engineering to customize each job, project specific management, make-ready, field management and turnkey installation. We also offer 24 hour emergency call out service and maintenance contracts.

From design through installation and ongoing service & maintenance, Century Elevators is committed to the highest quality customer care, safety and service. We are your one-stop resource to source technologically-advanced, safe, efficient and economical personnel elevators. 

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