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Rack & Pinion Elevators

Our permanent rack and pinion elevators’ rugged construction provides safe, secure vertical transportation of personnel, with capacities ranging from 650 lbs. to 25,000 lbs. Flexible configurations provide customization to meet virtually any application requirement, while providing full safety features. Century Elevators’ rack and pinion lifts are used in all industries, including commercial construction, oil and gas, petro-chemical, shipyards, mining and tunnels, bridges and power generation industries.

The team of industry experts at Century Elevators has the knowledge to design a safe, effective, economical lifting solution to move personnel. We specialize in rack and pinion lifts that are safe, easy to install and provide maximum operational effectiveness. Rack and pinion elevators are self-contained and install directly in an existing or emerging structure, making them ideal for industrial applications.

Century Elevators’ product line of personnel elevators are available for purchase or rental from our extensive fleet of elevators that meet or exceed ANSI ASME A17.1, and the current OSHA standards. Additionally, all equipment is ISO9001:2008 compliant. Century Elevators is your one-stop resource to design technologically-advanced, safe, efficient and economical personnel elevators.

In addition to personnel elevators, Century offers special purpose elevators that are essentially lifting systems used to transport personnel and their tools throughout the job site. At Century, we are known for providing safe lifting systems that are used in multiple areas of the industrial sector.

Century has become an industry leader in providing completely secure explosion proof elevators that protect your personnel and materials in hazardous work environments. Our explosion proof elevators are designed to withstand potential explosions and chemical leaks. Not to mention that we also offer material hoists, allowing for the vertical transportation of materials on construction sites. The material hoists are custom engineered with options such as overload sensing devices and stainless steel frames.

Lastly, when it comes to replacing your outdated belted man-lift - Century is the place. The common solution is replacing the man-lift with a customized special purpose elevator - however, these are not necessarily cost-efficient, so we came up with an economically friendly solution of installing a permanent rack and pinion elevator.

From design to installation to ongoing service & maintenance, Century is committed to delivering the highest quality customer care and service for your rack and pinion elevator.

Permanent Rack & Pinion Elevator Accessories

  • Tower section with single rack, bolts and nuts
  • Adjustable wall tie (required every 30ft)
  • Traveling electric power cable
  • Traveling signal cable
  • Building landing gate with solenoid lock

Permanent Rack & Pinion Elevator Features 

  • Completely assembled, enclosed car with over speed governor and safety brake
  • Buffer Springs
  • Motor and car control panel with hand lever controller
  • Power cable guide assembly
  • Base fence enclosure
  • Limit and control switches
  • 20 ft of tower for zero lifting height
Permanent Rack & Pinion Elevators
Model NumberNumber of PersonsLoad Capacity

Interior Dimensions


Car Door Opening


Base Enclosure Dimension


Quote Request
CE 660 PE 6 660 LBS 2' 9'' X 3'4" X 7:3" 2'8' X 6'7" 4'7.5" X 4'10.5" RFQ
CE 1000 6 1000 LBS 2'11" X 4'3" X 7'2" 2'8" X 6'7" 5' X 6'9" RFQ
CE 2500 12 2500 LBS 4'11" X 5'11" X 7'3" 4'8" X 6'8" 9' X 9' RFQ
CE 3500 17 3500 LBS 4'11" X 7'10" X 7'3" 4'8" X 6'8" 9'4" X 9'4" RFQ
CE 4500 20 4500 LBS 4'11" X 9'10" X 7'3" 4'8" X 6'8" 11"3" X 9'2" RFQ
CE 6600 30 6600 LBS 4'11" X 12'2" X 7' 4'11" X 6'7" 13'9" X 15'6"' RFQ


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