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MH 660 Material Hoist

MH 660 Low Transport Platform for materials

The MH 660 Material Hoist is designed to move material and tools vertically on job sites and to accommodate construction workers and scaffolders. With a lifting speed of 65 or 80 feet per minute, the MH 660 supports a load capacity of 660 lbs. Century Elevators can accommodate virtually any application where a material hoist is the lifting solution. Common applications of the MH 660 elevator includes commercial construction projects and renovations.


  • Aluminum Mast, with maximum height of 164 feet
  • Over speed safety device
  • Swivel platform
  • Overload protection for material safety
  • Full capacity load ramps
  • Optional roofing for overhead safety, landing gates, base barrier, & anit collision pressure plate.
  • Meets the current ANSI/ SAIA A92.10 standard

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Low Material Hoist & Lift
Number of
Lifting SpeedCage/Platform
MH 660   660 LBS 65 ft/min - 80 ft/min 5'3" X 2'10" RFQ

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