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Temporary Boiler Hoists

Temporary Material & Boiler Hoists

Century Elevators provides highly engineered boiler hoists for use in compact environments, including power plant boiler systems. The collapsible hoist disassembles into a few smaller manageable components that will fit through an 18 inch opening for erection in a larger space. The MH 660 is a cost-effective solution to safely transport tools and hardware into a facilities boiler system. The MH 660 boiler hoist is specially designed for scaffolding, industrial construction, and seasonal boiler repair maintenance.

Boiler Hoist Capacity & Benefits

  • Used for temporary & rental applications
  • 650 Pound Load Capacity
  • Quick Installations
  • Ideal for use during shut-downs
  • Adjustable heights & lifting speeds
  • 18 inch opening for erection in a larger space

Century Elevators belongs to and complies with the requirements of local safety councils throughout the United States to make sure all lifts meet current ANSI and OSHA regulations. In addition to temporary boiler hoists, we offer a permanent solution.  Let Century Elevators raise your profits with our material hoists - Call today for a quote.


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