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Mobile Material Hoists & Lifts

Ladder Lifts for material

The mobile material hoist 550 is designed to accommodate construction workers, roofers, and scaffolders for lifting material and tools safely and efficiently to traditional frame scaffolds and roofs.  With a 500 lbs. load capacity, the MMH 500 model can lift up to 78 feet in height and has a lifting speed of 150 feet per minute. Century Elevators MMH 550 is used as a ladder material hoist and roof hoist to transport goods vertically and deliver increased productivity on roof repairs, construction and renovation projects by providing a quick route for lifting material.


  • Scaffolding platform is hooked directly into the rail without additional carriage
  • Hydraulic load winch
  • On board tool box
  • Mechanical remote control
  • Continuous cable guide
  • Retractable axle and draw bar
  • Adjustable turntable
  • Storage trays for small parts
Portable Ladder Lifts & Hoists
Number of
Lifting SpeedCage/Platform
MMH 550   550 LBS 150 ft/min 4'10" X 1'10" RFQ

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