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Belted Manlift Replacement

Belted Manilft Replacement

Increasingly, plant managers and safety managers around the country are searching for a safe and economical solution for replacing belted man-lifts. Essentially, a belted man-lift is a tall column running vertically through a hole in every floor of a building. The column has a belt running continually around it, with foot and hand-holds placed every few feet. A worker steps on the foot hold and grabs the hand-hold to ride up or down to the desired floor.

An antiquated piece of equipment responsible for dozens of work place injuries each year as well as numerous recent fatalities, the belted man-lift is used in many power plants, chemical refineries, and mills & silos around the country. The typical solution for replacing these belted man-lifts is custom designing, buying and installing a special purpose elevator manufactured by a number of different outlets. Unfortunately, these machines are often highly cost-prohibitive.

Fortunately, Century Elevators has developed an economical belted man-lift replacement - a rack and pinion permanently installed elevator system. Call us today for details and a consultation on how to update your plant with a safe and economical special purpose elevator.

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