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Petrochemical & Refining Elevators

Century Elevators offers reliable petrochemical and refinery elevators, that are used for various applications including storage tanks, distillation units, hydrocrackers and other structures at your plant for permanent or temporary installations including turnarounds or new construction. The harsh and hazardous environment present in petrochemical and refining facilities requires tremendous attention to detail when designing and installing any type of equipment, especially that which will carry personnel.

Features of our petrochemical and refining elevators:

  • Various custom car dimensions, designed to the specifications of the installation environment and capacity requirements.
  • Weight capacities up to 25,000 lbs and beyond with special engineering
  • Automatic lubricating system
  • Each elevator is equipped with variable frequency drives and heavy duty electric motors
  • Multiple door and gate options options
  • Explosion-proof components (class 1, division 2 groups A-F)
  • Corrosion resistant materials available

Century Elevators and our experienced staff have a proven track record of safely and innovatively providing the right equipment for the unique scenarios found in this complex industry. Founded by industry veterans with safety as the back bone, Century Elevators’ team has safely installed literally hundreds of industrial elevators in the petrochemical and refining sector and is your solution for providing safe and effective vertical transportation.

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