Jan 01 2018

Century Elevator & PEGA, Ltd Partnership

Century Elevators, Inc., located in Houston, Texas, is pleased to announce its cooperation with Europe’s award-winning rack and pinion elevator manufacturer: PEGA, LTD of the Czech Republic. Century Elevators is a full-service rack-and-pinion elevator company providing lifting solutions for temporary and permanent elevators in industrial facilities and construction projects including building construction, scaffolding, petrochemical, power plants, mills, and offshore oil and gas facilities.

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Dec 31 2017

Elevator Company Provides Safe Transportation For Flint Hills

Houston is home to one of the most densely populated landscapes of petrochemical processing facilities, including Flint Hills Resources, which operates the world’s largest dehydrogenation facilities. In February 2017, Flint Hills began turnaround operations on its 340-foot-tall C3 Splitter tower.

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Aug 01 2016

Paula Manning Appointed President Of Scaffold & Access Industry Association

Not everyone wants to follow in the footsteps of their family. Take Paula Manning, for example. If you had asked Manning back in the day where she saw herself after college, it definitely wasn’t the access industry. “I actually hold degrees in formal dance and in culinary arts,” says Manning, vice president and general manager of Century Elevators.

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Dec 01 2013

Quick Ship Industrial Elevator Rentals

As the economy rebounds and construction sites re-open across our region, so does the need for delivery of construction rental equipment. The utilization trend for construction elevators for 2013 has been one of a steady uptick with the expected spikes in the summer months. However, with another turnaround season on the horizon and no noticeable signs of commercial construction slowing, fleet owners are stretched. During the recession of the past five years, fleet owners were able to provide short lead time deliveries as there was an abundance of equipment on the ground. Times have changed and now we are faced with a much different set of challenges. Clearly, these are challenges we welcome. With greater demand come higher utilization rates, higher rental rates and longer lead times. How does a rental fleet owner make adjustments to these changes while maintaining high customer service?

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Apr 01 2013

Custom & Safely Manufactured Elevators

Century Elevators is a national provider of rack and pinion elevators, material hoists and transport platforms. Founded by Walter Manning and his team of elevator industry veterans in Houston, Century Elevators continues to find ways to perform to a higher standard. “Before the doors opened we made the commitment to do things better than what was the accepted norm in the industry,” said Paula Manning, a partner and vice president of Century Elevators.

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Mar 01 2013

Sustaining The Industrial Elevator Industry

As a vertically-oriented business, the answer to the question is up, we go up. In 2008 and 2009, there was a massive grounding of construction rental equipment in response to a nationwide residential, commercial, and industrial construction downturn. The downturn hit hard and fast. No geographical location was spared; for sure, some fared worse than others, but everyone and every fleet felt the pain of this catastrophic depression in the construction equipment industry.

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