Our permanent industrial elevators’ are manufactured to provide a safe, secure vertical transportation of personnel and materials, for capacities ranging from 650 lbs. up to 25,000 lbs. Our configurations are flexible to provide customization that meets any application or requirement with maximum safety. Century Elevators’ permanent rack and pinion elevators are used across industries and applications and can be customized to meet your project's needs.

The experts at Century Elevators specialize in designing a safe, effective, economical lifting solution to move personnel and materials. We're especially proficient in rack and pinion elevators that are easy to install and provide maximum safety and operational effectiveness. Our permanent rack and pinion elevators are self-contained and can be installed directly into an existing or emerging structure, which makes them ideal for industrial applications.


Century has become an industry leader in providing completely secure explosion proof elevators that protect your personnel and materials in hazardous work environments. Our explosion proof elevators are designed to withstand potential explosions and chemical leaks. Not to mention that we also offer material hoists, allowing for the vertical transportation of materials on construction sites. The material hoists are custom engineered with options such as overload sensing devices and stainless steel frames.



650 lbs

130 ft/min

2‘ 11“ x 3’ 3” x 7’ 3”

1000 lbs

130 ft/min

2‘ 11“ x 4’ 3” x 7' 3"

2500 lbs

150 ft/min

4‘ 11“ x 5’ 11” x 7’ 3”

3500 lbs

130 ft/min

4‘ 11“ x 7’ 11’ x 7' 3"

4500 lbs

130 ft/min

4‘ 11“ x 9' 10" x 7' 3"

6600 lbs

130 ft/min

4’ 11” x 12’ 6” x 7’ 3”
IL 3240

7000 lbs

130 ft/min

4‘ 11“ x 13' 2" x 8' 2"

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Rack & Pinion Elevators

Century Elevators is the rack & pinion elevator distributor you've been searching for. Explore our permanent rack & pinion lifts and we'll find the best solution for you!


Safety You Can Count On

We design, deliver, install and maintain elevators, transport platforms, and material hoists to safely move personnel and materials vertically to the work site. Our equipment meets or exceeds all of the ANSI and OSHA requirements for its specific designation. Furthermore, Century Elevators maintains an exceptional rating in ISNetworld, PEC, and other audited safety databases to ensure you are getting the most up to date safety policy and procedures available. Our safety program is personnel driven to ensure that the policies are not only effective but also followed. This approach gives your best in class safety performance to match our best in class products. When you purchase or rent a Century Elevators product know that you are in the safest hands in the industry.