Material Transport Platforms

The MH 660 (now SLM 660) Material Hoist is designed to move material vertically on temporary or permanent structures on a job sites. With a lifting speed of 65 feet per minute, the MH 660 supports a load capacity of 660 lbs. this Century Elevators material hoist a swivel action that allows for safe and easy access to the material transport platform at the landing site. The MH 660 material hoist attaches directly to a scaffold or other structure with a simple tube and clamp connection for an easy installation and utilization.


  • Aluminum Mast, with maximum height of 164 feet
  • Over speed safety device
  • Swivel platform
  • Overload protection for material safety
  • Full capacity load ramps
  • Optional roofing for overhead safety.htmlhttp://safety.html, landing gates, base barrier, & anit collision pressure plate.
  • Meets the current ANSI/ SAIA A92.10 standard
MH-660 Material Hoist