Century Elevators is a national provider of rack and pinion elevators, material hoists and transport platforms. Founded by Walter Manning and his team of elevator industry veterans in Houston, Century Elevators continues to find ways to perform to a higher standard. “Before the doors opened we made the commitment to do things better than what was the accepted norm in the industry,” said Paula Manning, a partner and vice president of Century Elevators. 

Century Elevators designs, rents and sells customized elevators to the industrial sector with an emphasis on the petrochemical, power, refining and commercial construction markets. That means working in and around some of the most hazardous conditions present in today’s world. Gaining access and the authorization to work in these environments is often more labor intensive than the actual work being performed. The restrictions and regulations exist for the sole purpose of maintaining as safe a work environment as

Century Elevators meets and exceeds these standards in an effort to maintain its established safety record. “Our safety record is paramount to our ability to provide materials and service to our customers,” Manning said. “They depend on us to be an integral part of the safety equation— a constant, not a variable.” To become successful in this very competitive marketplace, Century Elevators knew it had to go above and beyond previously established safety protocol while providing a better, newer elevator with a higher degree of customer service than ever before. Doing the right thing, the right way is not always the most economical solution, but Century Elevators adheres to its very strict safety doctrine in order to maintain an incident-free environment.

With safety as a covenant, Century Elevators rents out, installs and operates the youngest elevator fleet in the country while maintaining a low experience modification rate (EMR) with a total incident rate of zero since its inception. Safety is not a new concept. To get work you must maintain a very high level of safety and most companies focus on safety on a daily basis; it is as basic as breathing. Century Elevators takes a significantly proactive approach with a very high degree of success.

Keeping to that commitment, Century Elevators recently hired Steve Gwaltney as vice president of compliance to oversee all aspects of compliance and safety. Gwaltney joined the company in February and is a senior environmental health and safety specialist with nearly two decades of successfully developing and implementing safety protocol in the industrial sector in Houston. Gwaltney holds a Master’s of Science degree in occupational health and safety and has worked previously with the ownership of Century Elevators.

“We are quite pleased to have Steve Gwaltney on board as our vice president of compliance and anticipate an even greater level of success with Steve on our team,”
Manning said.

“Safety and compliance are core areas that must be held in utmost regard to have a successful venture of any kind,” Gwaltney stated. “It is a pleasure to be guiding the continued journey of safety and compliance excellence with Century Elevators.”

With a low EMR and high scores on its safety audit by the Pacific Industrial Contractor Screening consortium, weekly company-wide safety meetings and a strict internal focus on working safely with quality people, Century Elevators lives up to its own hype as “The safety company that designs, rents and sells elevator solutions.”

Century Elevators recently purchased and is currently renovating a 40,000-square-foot facility near Ellington Airport in Houston. The new space makes room for Century Elevators’ growing staff, a state-of-the-art training center for customer and employee training, high tech conference rooms, a make-ready facility with three overhead cranes and a fully air-conditioned shop. Additionally, the property will boast a 90-foot test tower where each elevator will be tested and certified prior to shipping and will provide an outstanding viewing deck for the Wings Over Houston Airshow.

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