Century Elevators, Inc., located in Houston, Texas, is pleased to announce its cooperation with Europe’s award-winning rack and pinion elevator manufacturer: PEGA, LTD of the Czech Republic. Century Elevators is a full-service rack-and-pinion elevator company providing lifting solutions for temporary and permanent elevators in industrial facilities and construction projects including building construction, scaffolding, petrochemical, power plants, mills, and offshore oil and gas facilities.

PEGA, founded in 1994, is family owned and operated. PEGA has successfully provided special purpose personnel elevator solutions on a global scale to varied industries for more than two decades. Century Elevators will have exclusive rights to sell PEGA Elevators in 32 US States, as well as other international locations.

By blending proven manufacturing principles and state of the art engineering, Century Elevators and PEGA are able to design, manufacture and deliver a better, more reliable, heavy-duty rack-and-pinion elevator to the American market. Century Elevators will offer a full range of permanent special purpose elevators (ANSI A17.1) and construction elevators (ANSI A10.4) manufactured by PEGA.

Century Elevators is owned and operated by the former owners of Champion Elevators, Inc.  Having tried and been disappointed by the light duty, and unnecessarily complex elevators currently being supplied by other European and Asian manufacturers, Century saw the need for more robust and more reliable elevators which are capable of standing up to the rugged demands of the American industrial marketplace.   

Jim Jensen, President of Century Elevators, believes that the combination of PEGA and Century design philosophy will fill a current void in the industrial marketplace.  “Our industrial customers are asking for simple elevators that will last for more than just a couple of turnarounds. Manufactured to Century’s rigorous specifications, our PEGA elevators will outlast and outperform all of the other light duty elevators currently being supplied from Europe and Asia.”   

Executive Vice President of Century Elevators Paula Manning comments: “We are very active in the marketplace and have heard the request from industry to provide a heavy duty, simple workhorse of an elevator. PEGA’s manufacturing principles coupled with our experience and equipment knowledge have made it easy to answer this call”.

With the return of a true heavy duty construction elevator to the marketplace, Century Elevators will be able to deliver a product that can withstand the rigors of the American job site.

Century and PEGA will partner together with assembly occurring both in Europe and in Texas to meet the rigorous design and delivery demands of local customers. Walter Manning, Chairman of Century Elevators states, “It is an awesome sight to see elevators being assembled here in our plant in Houston. To see our former teammates, together again, putting a quality product into the field is a tremendous feeling. The industry will benefit from this cooperation with PEGA – it’s a new day at Century Elevators”.

By broadening their footprint with the PEGA elevators and other supplementary products dedicated to the industrial and construction segments, Century Elevators reinforces their position as a full-service organization providing best in class lifting solutions for personnel and materials. Please contact Paula Manning at 281-667-3000 for further information.