Houston is home to one of the most densely populated landscapes of petrochemical processing facilities, including Flint Hills Resources, which operates the world’s largest dehydrogenation facilities. In February 2017, Flint Hills began turnaround operations on its 340-foot-tall C3 Splitter tower.

Koch Specialty Plant Services was awarded this turnaround project and tasked with overseeing the entire project. Koch was directed to provide a safe work environment, efficient work schedule and necessary logistics, and manage the hundreds of workers needed to meet the demanding challenges of the turnaround of the C3 Splitter.

The Brock Group was tasked with constructing a 340-foot-tall scaffolding structure composed of 25,000-plus parts to help facilitate the turnaround on this superstructure. The scaffolding adhered fully to OSHA’s 1926 subpart L for scaffolding, including toe boards, mid-rails, top rails and netting to provide a safe work environment for all parties. The scaffold was engineered to include five work-deck areas, which allowed access to man-ways on the structure, material staging areas and constant overhead protection from cranes flying materials over, drastically reducing the number of vertical trips during the project. The other purpose of the work decks was to provide tie-back locations and landing levels for two temporary elevators.

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