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Permanent Material Hoists

Permanent Material Hoists

At Century Elevators, we offer permanent material hoists, which allow for transporting materials vertically on construction sites in many industries.

Meeting ANSI ASME B-20.1, Pflow Industries custom engineers each material hoisting system to your exact specification with either hydraulic cylinders or by heavy duty roller chains depending on the single best option required by your environment. Capacities are available up to and beyond 50,000 pounds and virtually any dimensioned carrier.  Century Elevetors offers a variety of other rack and pinion elevators which allow for the vertical transportation of materials and personnel on construction sites.  With options such as stainless steel frames, hot dipped galvanized carriages, explosion proof systems, overload sensing devices, overspeed safety devices and environmentally safe installations, Pflow and Century Elevators provide the product you require. The machines are generally deliverable within 16 weeks of purchase order and are installed by the Century Elevators team per your exact specification.

For temporary use, Century Elevators also offers temporary material and boiler hoists.


Material Hoist Features

  • Completely assembled, enclosed car with over speed governor and safety brake
  • Buffer Springs
  • Motor and car control panel with hand lever controller
  • Power cable guide assembly
  • Base fence enclosure
  • Limit and control switches
  • 20 ft of tower for zero lifting height


Material Hoist Accessories

  • Tower section with single rack, bolts and nuts
  • Adjustable wall tie (required every 30ft)
  • Traveling electric power cable
  • Traveling signal cable
  • Building landing gate with solenoid lock

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